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WOW. wow.


I just finished Madness Underneath. THAT ENDING WAS FAR FROM OKAY. SERIOUSLY. 

(spoilers ahead)

HOW COULD STEPHEN DIE. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT RORY/STEPHEN BEFORE BECAUSE I ALWAYS LIKED JEROME but I started to not really care for him that much in the book and I was kinda relieved they broke up and then my head got to thinking hey rory and stephen could be cute together dont you think huh huh think about it and I DID. I DID THINK ABOUT IT. I didn’t think it was gonna happen up until that chapter when rory kept noticing little details about stephen, like his chest and his neck and I KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN AND THEN THEY KISSED AND I WAS SO EXCITED BUT THEN LITERALLY TWO PAGES LATER FUCKING STEPHEN JUST HAD TO SLIP INTO A COMA AND HAD TO BE PUT ON LIFE SUPPORT. this is far, far, FAR FROM OKAY. AND NOW HE’S A GHOST SOMEWHERE AND RORY WONT EVER BE ABLE TO TOUCH HIM. oh my god. oh my god I am so so not okay with this. i need fanfic right now. if there’s any good fanfic for these two PLEASE INFORM ME BEFORE I BURN MY BOOKS 


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